How to Get Help for Sex Addiction

Counseling For Sex Addiction

Many people experience their sex drive as one of the strongest they have. Few things can inflame emotions, passion, and desires as sexuality, and millions of songs, movies, and advertisements have expressed and exploited this desire that is a very normal part of being human. However, for some, this interest in sex can go too far, feeling out of control and being acted in destructive, unwanted ways.

According to the National Council on Sexual Addiction Compulsivity, around 6%-8% of Americans are sex addicts. That is between 18 million and 24 million people, both men and women, LGBT and hetrosexual. If you find their desires for sex get so overwhelming that you have engaged in risky, harmful, or undesirable behaviors just to meet you compulsive cravings, feeling overwhelming shame will not help. Counseling that is non judgemental yet rigorously honest can help you point the way to a better way to control your desires and be sexual as only one part of your complex and full personality.

Residential Sex Addiction Rehab
The good news is that sexual addiction can be managed. Unwanted behaviors can be resisted, and your sexual drive can be redirected and coped with in ways that don’t involve acting out. You can also learn to love yourself, and develop real, intimate relationships with sexuality only one part of mutual emotional closeness.

A rehab center, such as Blue Tiger Recovery,  that specializes in sex addiction can offer you the tools, guidance and support to regain control of your life. While there are therapists, support groups, and outpatient services that can offer help, you might benefit from checking into a residential facility, where you can take a break from your normal life, and focus all your energy onto recovery.

Sexual Addiction is Similar to Substance Abuse

Sexual addiction has many similarities with addiction to substances, in that both involve overloading the brain’s reward centers to the point that someone has difficulty functioning without satisfying their craving. However, whereas the goal for substance abuse treatment is most often total abstinence, sexual addiction’s goal is a management of desire into a controlled and healthy sex life. So having a chance to take a break from your normal life and focus only on your addiction can be a very important step in learning how to change your behavior. Residential rehab will also give you the opportunity to meet other people struggling sexual addiction as well, helping you feel less alone and receiving advice and encouragement from others around you.

Sex Addiction

The causes of sexual addiction are complex and varied, but studies have shown there is often an underlying cause driving the addictive behavior.

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