Sex Addiction Therapy

It is estimated that 12 million people in the U.S. suffer from some form of sex addiction. A number that is increasingly regularly due to the vast amount of sexual material available for free on the internet.  Like other addictions, sex addiction is a serious issue. A sexually addicted person engages in persistent and escalating sexual behavior despite increasingly negative consequences to himself, or herself, and others, such as loved ones. The sexual addict is drawn back into these behavior despite sincere efforts to stop. The body’s desire for the hormones and neurotransmitters that are emitted during sex produce the same “chemical high” as other drugs or alcohol.  

We are CSATCertified Sex Addiction Therapists

Since first identifying sexual addiction as a real problem in 1983, it has been argued that sexual addiction does not exist or is exaggerated. Sex addiction is real. And it’s a quickly growing condition. Compulsive sexual behavior cannot be denied and there is more help, more research, and more information about it than ever. Sex addicts, like other addicts, typically have some form of abuse in their backgrounds, either sexual, physical or emotional, which can be coupled with neglect or family histories with numerous other addictions, such as drug and alcohol.

Blue Tiger Recovery primary focus is compulsive sexual behavior and drug addiction. Often the two go together. We have two Certified Sex Addiction Therapists – Terry Gatewood, LCSW, BTR’s CEO and Clinical Director, and our primary therapist, Gregory Pospisil, LMFT. Both are highly seasoned sex addiction specialists who bring a broad range of other training and methodologies to Blue Tiger Recovery that are important in our treatment programs.

CSAT Training

Terry Gatewood, founded Blue Tiger recovery after many years of training and experience in various treatment centers focused on sexual compulsive behavior. He also trained under Robert Weiss, LCSW CSAT-S, Sexual Recovery Institute Founder and author of Cruise Control: Understanding Sex Addition in Gay Men. His mission was to create a sex addiction dedicated program that would also treat corresponding behaviors as well as focus on the trauma that in many cases is at the root of the addiction. Gregory brings more than eight years of experience in sex addiction treatment to Blue Tiger.  He also is a Certified Daring Way Facilitator and Consultant, having studied the research of Dr. Brene Brown and her focus on Vulnerability, Shame, Connection, Self-Compassion and Empathy. He utilizes The Daring Way (TM) curriculum in all of his work at BTR.

With Terry and Gregory’s experience, our expanding programs for sexually compulsive and addictive behaviors will help our clients by affording them recovery and treatment options unavailable elsewhere.