Loneliness and Coming Home


Loneliness and Coming Home

The following are real exchanges between husband and wife dealing with sex addiction while the husband is in jail as part of our Consequences of Sex Addiction Series. Sex Addiction is real and  we hope these letters inspire you to get help and/or make a change if you’re facing similar circumstances.

We are in the second year of my husband’s imprisonment. Each day served is marked off on my kitchen calendar. That physical marking off of each day is a positive reminder that we are one day closer to living together again. Coming home …

Loneliness is my gray elephant in the room. Living alone, with the exception of my two furry companions that wake me each morning for food and attention, has been one of the hardest consequences to manage.

Loneliness is not a constant occupying every minute of every day but sneaks up on me in the still of the night. Sleepfullness is pushed to the side for this overbearing pain of sadness. You try to keep busy with living during the lightness of day.

The one constant in my day to day life has been the support and love of my three adult children. They bring me the light that outshines the darkness.

This past weekend was a homecoming to celebrate my birthday with the greatest gift of all– having a houseful of chattering and energetic voices of six young adults and one small voice of my grandson as he was passed from one set of loving arms to the next. Two generations coming home….

We raised our glasses over dinner to toast the love we share. We stood side by side encouraging each other in our challenges in our busy lives. The loneliness of living alone was lifted briefly over the past three days. As each child packed and left with their family this afternoon, I cried.

I was reminded by my husband in our nightly phone connection that the empty house will be full again on their next visits. Loneliness was kept at bay.

I have refilled my heart with hope with their coming home. In the stillness of the night I will keep watch against the sadness of loneliness.

From Hope to You

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