When Love Becomes Unhealthy: Dependency and Addiction

Love is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful and powerful emotions, as well as something we should strive for in our lives. With so many ideal portrayals of true love coming from all angles in the media, who wouldn’t want to find that one special soul mate? However, the pursuit of love can develop into an unhealthy compulsion– resulting in dependency, obsession, and ultimately, addiction.

What is Love Addiction?

Love addiction is, quite simply, an addiction to the feelings of love, or what you may perceive love to be. The rush of adrenaline or dopamine that you get from locking eyes with a certain someone, a first kiss or first sexual encounter with someone new, or the thrill of feeling like you may have found “the one” can all be incredibly intoxicating. But it’s when these experiences start to take an unhealthy level of control over your behaviors and actions that love addiction may develop.

Obsession and Dependency

A sign that you are suffering from love addiction is the pattern of obsession and dependency upon your relationships. Constantly jumping from one “whirlwind romance” to another isn’t actually that romantic– it’s incredibly harmful. By constantly throwing all of your attention upon a new object of your affection, you may begin to lose your sense of self.

All of your energy and care may be focused on this person, no matter how unhealthy your relationship is, solely because you feel as if you can’t bear to be single. When your relationships end, the only thing that can pick you back up is starting up a new relationship, often in a way that is too fast and too similar to your previous attempts. In this way, unhealthy patterns and cycles begin, and the “itch” to find that one true “love” is never satisfied.


Overcoming love addiction may seem daunting, but it’s entirely possible with the right professional help. Here at Blue Tiger Recovery, we utilize several methods of therapy in order to help you find the roots of your addiction and stop your negative behaviors. Love addiction can often be rooted in past trauma or childhood experiences, and thus our therapists use treatment methods to help you understand, release, and overcome these negative experiences, thus moving forward on a path to forging healthy relationships and breaking previous cycles. It’s possible for you to recover from your addiction. Contact us today to learn more about how our treatments can help you.

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