Separating Love from Addiction: Love Addiction Treatment Centers

Love addiction is often rooted in childhood experiences. That’s why a great deal of the treatment is often focused on helping patients find ways to deal with those experiences. A successful treatment program eventually helps patients reduce the hold and power these experiences have over their behavior. In many cases, the whole point of the treatment is to eliminate harmful and destructive behaviors caused by love addiction or childhood incidents that triggered the addiction.

Signs of Love Addiction

Those who suffer from love addiction have a tendency to hold the object of their interest in high regard. While that’s not in itself an uncommon behavior, love addicts are solely devoted to the welfare and well-being of their loved one. They place a high priority on their significant other and exclude everything and everyone else.

These types of behaviors can lead to obsessive, controlling behavior that isn’t healthy and cause emotional damage to both parties. It also isn’t unheard of for love addicts to jump from one relationship to another or find themselves in multiple relationships because of their inability to deal with love in a way that’s healthy on an emotional and psychological level.

Treatment Options

Therapy is a sound treatment option and finding a trained psychologist to help the patient process their feelings and to distinguish between good and harmful behavior, can be invaluable. Having the support of loved ones is also a major factor in recovery. Sometimes all those looking for recovery need is a good support system. Having friends and family listen can be a good way for love addicts to realize something is wrong.

Treatment Centers

If you or someone you know suffers from love addiction, what you can do is to help your loved one find a good recovery program. Look through available love addiction treatment centers nearest to your love one’s location. Another helpful feature of these centers is that they offer in-patient care. If you think your loved one will benefit greatly from the isolation—away from old influences and even their current object of obsession—then make sure to compile a list of love addiction treatment centers that offer that service. If possible, pay a visit to each one.

That way, you can get a solid feel for the kind of ambiance and treatment program each center offers, giving you and your loved one as much information as you need to choose the best one. If you’re looking for treatment centers in the Palm Springs area, then call us at the Blue Tiger and ask about our available services today.

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