Sex Addiction Rehab

Sexuality is a normal part of being human. Like all living creatures, reproduction is a normal and natural part of ensuring something of yourself will be left in the world after you are gone. For humans, sex is also deeply loaded with emotional power, and is one of the strongest ways to bond with and express love for someone else. That is why almost everyone experiences intense sexual desire at certain moments. It is nothing to be ashamed of, not “dirty” or “immoral,” but something you can adapt to.

However, for some people, the desire may feel like something out of control. It can become an obsession, to the point that the drive for sex superseeds all other needs or motivations. People with a sex addiction problem may engage in sexual activity compulsively, with little thought of attachment to the partner or even their own pleasure. The drive to satisfy their sexual cravings get so strong they engage in high-risk behavior, such as having unprotected sex with multiple strangers.

If your sexual behavior or drives get to become something that is difficult to control, or that you find yourself getting into against your own desires, healing is possible. The highly-trained and non-judgemental staff of Blue Tiger Recovery are here to provide you with top-notch compassionate care to help you manage your addiction, and help pave the way to choose sexual activity in a responsible and controlled way.

Deeper Issues:
Treating sex addiction is not only about stopping compulsive seuxal activity or reducing desire. A very important part of Blue Tiger Rehab’s treatment is dealing with the other issues, including substance abuse and underlying trauma. The causes of sex addiction may be complex, and will vary from person to person, but there is often an underlying issue driving sexual compulsions and activities. Traumatic experiences, be they a past of abuse or sexual assault, or a time you were made to feel shame or humiliation, may be a deeper issue of which sex addiction is only a symptom. Through diving into the causes behind the behavior, and learning how to heal from the trauma and cope with sexual thoughts in healthier ways, you can start to gain more sexual agency and no longer feel ruled by your addiction.

Somatic Experiencing:
Dr. Peter Levine, in his book Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma explains the ways in which traumatic events can cause you to “freeze up,” and store emotions and energy in the body in a way that creates stress. Clinical director Terry Gatewood is a trained Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, working on ways to unlock and release the tension held in the body, so that you can get in touch with your own body’s ability to heal, release tension, and self-regulate. SE therapy focuses on physical sensations related to traumatic memories, and deals with them in a direct and bodily way that often helps people feel more comfortable and free to engage with life.

The 12-Day Recovery Program:
Many rehab centers expect you to be cut off from the real world for an extended period of time, such as a month. Early recovery from addictions does require some extensive work of self-growth, but the experienced staff at Blue Tiger Recovery believe that sex addicts do not need so much time in a full-time residential recovery program. To meet your needs with a program that is in-depth yet takes less time and expensive, Blue Tiger Recovery has developed a 12-day intensive “boot camp” for early recovery from sexual addictions. Some of the features of the program include:
Group housing, where you can know you are not alone, and bond with other addicts, receiving encouragement and support from each other.
Resources for spouses or partners to understand how to care for both you and themselves.
Intensives classes on issues related to managing sexual urges, dealing with shame, and confronting triggers.
Group and individual therapy session
Intensive activities for processing

With sexual addiction treatment, you can work on letting go of shame, learning about yourself, confronting truths, and learning how to truly have enjoyable sex. It is not about controlling or letting go of all the “fun” in your life, but of learning how sex can be a truly nurturing activity that you can choose freely, not a compulsive habit that harms yourself and others around you.

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