Intimacy disorders (as with all addictions) create unhealthy relationships with partners, friends, family members and co-workers. These disorders can manifest in many ways but usually incorporate one or more of the following:


Not being present in current relationships by creating intentional distance in relationships usually caused by a fear of intimacy. This aspect of intimacy disorder can cause the affected individual to feel overwhelmed in relationships and can trigger other addictive behaviors (sex, porn and substance use especially meth).


This disorder can usually be attributed to being abandoned by a primary caregiver and other forms of physical and mental neglect. Love addicts usually pick “Love Avoidants” to be in relationships with, thereby recreating abandonment wounds from past experiences.


Sex addiction is an on-going pattern of compulsive sexual behaviors and fantasies. This disorder can cause the affected individual to feel shameful and fearful about past behaviors, yet be compelled to repeat the same or similar behaviors.

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