What is Love Addiction?

Love Addiction is a condition in which compulsive patterns of behavior in terms of romance, sexuality and relationships can have harmful consequences for all involved. Although it may sound less serious than other addictions, it can have consequences just as damaging as any other addiction, including marital problems, problems with one’s career or job, child custody, health issues and more. Many love addicts can’t function without being in a relationship. They lose themselves in their relationships, but their relationships are fraught with problems. Consequently, it is common for a love addict to jump from one relationship into another, often without ever conclusively ending the first. Love addiction can take many forms, as can recovery from Love Addiction.

Love Addiction Treatment

Love addiction is a compulsive, obsessive behavior. As such, Love Addiction treatment can be much like that of other compulsive behaviors. Typically, a love addiction has its roots in early life through insecure attachments with parents, with common contributing factors such as childhood neglect, abandonment, rejection, physical, emotional or sexual abuse, all resulting in a continuing pattern insecure attachment later in life. However, there may also be a “chemical” component in that levels of phenylethylamine (PEA) and Oxytocin, the neurotransmitter, in the brain create the euphoria that comes with falling in love. Love addicts can become dependent on the physical and psychological arousal triggered by PEA and Oxytocin and be constantly seeking new relationships to experience it. They are often insecure in relationships and have difficulty establishing appropriate bonds and boundaries. They can sabotage relationships for fear of getting too close or of being rejected. Others stay in unhealthy relationships out of fear of being alone. The goal of Love Addiction treatment is to help the addict in identifying negative behavior and in building healthy relationships and achieving genuine intimacy and authentic love.

Love Addiction Recovery

Like many process addictions or other nonsubstance addictions, love addiction is real and it is treatable. Since the roots of love addiction are often in childhood, we use many of the same, proven therapies and treatments as we would for other disorders. Our counseling for Love Addiction is designed to restore those lives that have been negatively impacted and disrupted by the effects of addiction and trauma. It is imperative to for the addict to identify the negative behaviors associated with the addiction in order to treat them. Our Love Addiction treatment may include one-on-one sessions, group therapy, our boot camp and more. We use Somatic Experience™ treatment to allow the release of past trauma, and neurofeedback and biofeedback which are excellent for teaching clients how to effectively deal with arousal or agitation.

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