A lot of people think about addiction only in terms of substance abuse, and think “recovery” means discontinuing taking the substance. The truth is often much more complicated. Addiction to a substance may be caused by or contributing to other


addictions or mental health issues. Co-occurring disorders are a very common phenomenon of multiple challenges that should be treated at the same time, because they affect each other. Sex rehab for meth addicts looks to address the dual conditions that can be impacting a patient’s health.

Addicted to Meth and Sex:

Meth addiction and sex addiction are two common addictions that are coupled together. Elements behavioral health reported that 87 percent of male sex addicts were also addicted to a drug. With a known reputation as a “sex drug,” crystal methamphetamine can raise both men’s and women’s sex drives to aggressive levels, while also increasing the user’s drive to engage in sexual activity obsessively.

Higher energy levels can cause meth users to engage in vigorous sexual activity that can last much longer than normally, with the two activities combining into something that quickly becomes dangerously compulsive.

In addition, the combination of a heightened sex drive and lower inhibitions can cause a meth user to engage in high-risk sexual behavior, which can dramatically increase a user’s risk of HIV and syphilis. For all these reasons, it is important that a person with a co-occurring sexual addiction and meth addiction treat these two conditions together.

Trauma and Root Causes:
It is often the case that addictive behavior is a manifestation of traumatic experiences. An important part of treatment for co-occurring sexual and stimulant addiction is also treating the root causes, the insecurities, shame, or experiences with abuse, that may be driving the dependencies.

This means that trauma resolution is an important part of treatment. Dealing with these deeper root causes will not only make relapses less likely, but will also contribute a great deal to your healing and ability to thrive and live the life you really desire.

Treatment at Blue Tiger

Blue Tiger Recovery offers highly experienced staff offering compassionate, evidence-based treatment for sexual addiction and treatment for substance abuse problems. Some of the methods used include:
Group and individual therapy to help you recognize that you are not alone in your struggles, help you explore root causes behind your behavior, and learn positive ways of coping.

Cognitive behavioral therapy that focuses on confronting troubling thoughts and learning ways to adapt and gain control over your own actions.

Dialectical behavior therapy, or supportive and collaborative interactions with a therapist to help you better appreciate emotions that feel “out of control” or overwhelming, and then work out techniques for dealing with those emotions.

Somatic Experiencing that examines the ways traumatic experiences get “locked” in the body and felt long after the event has passed. These exercises and sessions with a skilled practitioner can help unlock the body and release the harmful energy.

Neurofeedback that deals with the bodily cues of anxiety and cravings, and helps you self-regulate and go through the experience without giving in.

These are just a few of the ways in which Blue Tiger can help you overcome co-occurring struggles with meth use and sexual activity.

Both taking meth and having sex can be very intense experiences that flood the brain with endorphins, and so it can sometimes feel hard to feel any pleasure at all. Some people may worry about ever having an enjoyable sex life without meth use. The truth is that healing is possible, even though it will take hard work. The highly-trained staff at Blue Tiger Recovery are here to help you, and make the process of changing your life as easy for you as possible.

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