We Also Offer Online or Tele-Counseling

Finding the help you feel you can trust for an addiction or any other problem is often difficult, especially if you’re seeking help for LGBT related issues. Most often people go through one therapist after another looking to connect with the one they feel they can trust. Which is why we also offer counseling via skype or tele-counseling over the phone, or our preferred method which is using a software called
SecureVideo. SecureVideo is HIPPA compliant helping keep your personal health information as safe as possible! These are also useful options for those who can’t get to the Palm Springs area, or who want to continue with counseling after leaving one of our programs here.  
These sessions are one-on-one, or couples sessions with one of our licensed therapists. They are not part of our outpatient programs and are only meant for those not needing more structured treatment.
With SecureVideo, there is nothing for you to buy, no software or devices, you simply download the free program that we will send you. That’s it.

Fees are the Same as a Standard One-on-One Session

The sessions are 45 minutes (a clinical hour) and are billed as a therapy session. Your insurance may cover part or all of the cost, depending on your coverage. Otherwise we can take a credit card and send a super bill.

Confidentiality cannot be Guaranteed.

While these are private sessions, because they are taking place over a communications device, we cannot completely guarantee confidentiality. There are no printed transcripts or anything from the sessions in writing, so if there is a breech it would be an aberrant instance of a signal being accidentally picked up, which is an extremely rare occurrence. In fact, we’ve never had that experience to date. Plus, with SecureVideo, you have even further safeguards than you would over a standard telephone.

We follow the set guidelines for therapists doing remote sessions via the internet or telephones, which you can see using this link


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