Treatment for Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription medications can also cause severe addiction problems. Treatment for prescription drug addiction can be as complex as other substance addictions and must also be treated comprehensively.

Pain Meds, Anxiety Meds, Sleep Meds are usually all taken initially for medically necessary reasons. Oftentimes, prescription medication addiction takes over but the pain, anxiety or sleep issues still exist or become exasperated creating the need to address the underlying reason(s) for the addiction or dependence on prescription drugs.

Following a medical detoxification, Blue Tiger Recovery will initiate a full psychiatric evaluation and follow up with a comprehensive prescription drug addiction treatment plan. Duration and level of care will depend on the outcome of the evaluation. Treatment must include alternative options for pain management, treatment for anxiety, and/or assistance to improve sleep.

For clients who are or have become addicted to prescription drugs without a specific medical reason, then Blue Tiger Recovery will utilize a systematic approach to identifying underlying traumas that may have led to the prescription drug addiction.

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