Betrayal Trauma & Eating Disorders

by Stacy Korfist LMFT, CEDS-S, CSAT-S, CDWF

Betrayal trauma shatters the core of our existence because it happens from people we trust and love. The turbulent emotions that follow… heartache, shame, anger and loneliness, feel unrelenting. The uncertainty and distrust of our partners, and of ourselves, is difficult to tolerate. Vulnerability is almost too much to bear.

To cope, some partners get stuck in unhealthy and copious tracking of their partners, to the extent that they lose awareness of themselves. Others may shift from perseverating on the partner, to perseverating on the self and holding their own bodies in contempt.

This is when eating disorders and body image disturbances surface or resurface. Dieting, counting calories, body checking and excessive exercise provide a false sense of security. Bypassing hunger then creates an internal environment of deprivation and lack of safety. Needs and wants become unacceptable and self-soothing cannot be achieved. Bingeing and compulsive overeating can become a faulty defense to avoid feelings of inner emptiness.

The partner then uses the relationship with their body and food to passively communicate their trauma. Eating disorders and the diet mentality actually disorganize body boundaries and further disrupts self-healing. This is a time when self-kindness is most important. I work with partners to create necessary strategies to heal from the trauma of betrayal and discovery of sex addiction.

I use a psychobiological approach to treating relational trauma. As a CSAT and CSAT Supervisor, I integrate many tasks and tools to address addiction interaction, shame resilience, emotional dysregulation, trauma resolution, cultivating self-kindness, rebuilding trust and intimacy, managing stress, interpersonal effectiveness and instilling hope and happiness.

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