Understand The Signs of Crystal Meth Addiction

understand-the-signs-of-crystal-meth-addictionThe roots of addiction can run deep, and if you’ve experienced their effects–either first-hand or via the struggles of a loved one–you know that they can take hold quickly, and seem almost impossible to break free from. When it comes to various drugs and their effects, WebMD says that crystal meth is one of the hardest addictions to treat, due to the nature of its powerful effects. If you suspect that a loved one is suffering from addiction and may be using crystal meth, it’s important to understand the signs of crystal meth addiction. Here are some warning signs worth monitoring.

Changes in Appearance

If your loved one is abusing or has become addicted to crystal meth you’re likely to notice some very unpleasant physical changes. Weight loss and frailness, tremors, convulsions and a sagging, droopy-looking face are all possible indicators of crystal meth use. Some more serious and disturbing signs are rotting teeth, facial sores, and raw, bleeding skin from the effects of continuous scratching and picking.

Behavioral Changes

Crystal meth addicts may appear “tweaked”, that is, exhibiting rapid speech and movement. Their eye movement may be rapid, as well. They may appear to be incredibly itchy, frequently scratching at their skin, and also may suffer from delusions and psychosis. They may be abnormally aggressive, or exhibit an abnormally high and recklessly enacted libido.

Other Signs of Addiction

Of course, there are also some other signs to watch for in your loved one which could indicate any type of addiction. Withdrawing socially, experiencing problems with money, a decline in interest in hobbies or previously enjoyed activities, or troubles at work may all begin to arise. Your loved one may be secretive, or seem as if they are hiding something. They may be neglecting their own hygiene or making constant excuses for their behavior.

Crystal meth addiction is powerful, dangerous, and potentially life-threatening. But treatment for methamphetamine addiction can help. At Blue Tiger Recovery, we focus on individualized treatments to get to the root of our patients’ addictions, isolate negative behaviors and triggers, and release any past trauma that may be contributing to the addiction. We understand how difficult the path to recovery may seem, but we want you to know that there is a way for you and your loved one to find peace.

If your loved one is suffering from crystal meth addiction, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our therapies and treatments can help your loved one get back on track and onto the path to recovery and a healthy, restored life.

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