The following are real exchanges between husband and wife dealing with sex addiction while the husband is in jail as part of our Consequences of Sex Addiction Series. Sex Addiction is real and  we hope these letters inspire you to get help and/or make a change if you’re facing similar circumstances.

Vulnerabilis which meant wounding, to pluck, to tear a long time ago before the year 1605. The Latin version became an English word meaning wounding. Today vulnerable means being able to be easily physically, emotionally, or mentally hurt, influenced or attacked.

The simplicity of to wound or to pluck or to tear is my version of vulnerability. Over three years my safe, secure, and protected world became unsafe, defenseless, exposed, and unprotected. I became vulnerable the day my husband became imprisoned.

When you are in a marital relationship for over three decades, you feel safe, strong, and secure in your community. The friends you have gathered and found, your co-workers you have worked beside, the neighbors you live next to, the favorite restaurants you have visited celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, sports victories, and just ordinary days, the places you love…these are viewed differently without my husband.

My husband has been in a vulnerable place for two years. I have been vulnerable because of his absence in my daily life. I avoid the favorite restaurants. I limit my contact with our friends. When people ask about him I avoid the answer in my attempt to protect us as a couple. I limit my activities in situations that may trigger a red flag of going from a twosome to a single entity. I loved being a twosome and feel the loneliness of being only one.

My vulnerability is situational and will change when my husband returns home again. We are committed to staying the course and living with hope in our hearts for the wounding to being to heal.

From Hope To You

Until the Next Time

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